What To Keep in Your Wardrobe Styling Kit

You decided you want to be a stylist, check! You have your first client, check! And now you are ready to get to work. Oops! You have no idea what to put in your kit. Even worse, you don’t even realize you need one!

After working in the fashion industry for over 11 years and as a stylist for 9, I have learned a TON of tips and tricks along the way. I have styled all of our shoots for my brands The House of Perna & Neon Bohemians, dressed celebrity clients, and even styled manikins for Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Moral of the story, I have styled for all different types of events and live (and inanimate) people. There are slight varieties for each, but the core supplies remain the same.

To make it even easier, I will be adding links so you can find these items (or similar).


1. First Aid Kit- If you are on site for a shoot, the location will typically have one, but I like to keep my own just in case you need it. You don’t want to accidentally poke yourself and mess up the clothes you are working on.

2. Miscellaneous foot pads for comfort or helping with loose shoes- This sounds random and unnecessary, but remember your client may be standing for long periods of time, and if they are uncomfortable, it often shows on their face.

3. Phone charger- I try to keep both an I charger and an android, because you never know when someone is going to run out of power.

4. Contact Solution/ eye drops- I wear contacts, as does many of my clients. I always try to keep a small bottle in my bag for those times of dry eyes.

5. Lotion- Choose a non oil based one, you don’t want to stain the clothes.

6. Mini emergency kit- These are y favorite! They come with everything you really need all in a tiny little bag. Hollywood Secrets is my favorite.

7. Grandma's secret spot remover, tide pen- Stains happen, you need to eliminate them.

8. Magic Eraser- This name is accurate. They really are magical. They can typically be used to remove stains from clothes and shoes- cool huh?


1. Needles- You may have to take something in a bit or stitch a button back on.

2. Miscellaneous threads- I always get thread that matches the pieces I am bringing to a shoot

3. Stitch witchery- this can fix a run in fabric, a little hole, or even help with a quick hem.

4. Scissors- paper & fabric, mini thread scissors- You really cant have too many pairs of scissors imo.

5. Pins- Straight pins in case you have to sew

6. TONS of Safety Pins- These little guys always seem to disappear.

7. Small Sewing Machine (optional)- I often do alterations on set. If you will see all sides of the outfit, pins or clips just wont work.

Wardrobe styling kit ESSENTIALS

I found this hot pink tool belt a few years back and now it has become a styling staple for me.  I can wear it on set with everything that I need handy.  I switch things out from time to time if there are different things that are needed for a particular shoot, but these are the essentials that I typically carry:

1. Lint remover- Everyone always gets linty. I usually have multiple of these bad boys.

2. Makeup face covers- To protect the clothes from makeup while changing.

3. Double sided tape- Sometimes you just have to tape things in place on people.

4. Gaff tape- This is the best tape to cover logos on shoes etc when you cant show them. It is sticky enough to stay on but doesn’t leave residue.

5. Mini steamer- I always keep a steamer in my kit. If you are on a professional set or in a studio, there is usually one already there, but I typically bring one just in case. Rowenta is my favorite brand.

6. Makeup remover sponge- The ones made by Hollywood Secrets works really well!

7. Labels & dividers for clothing racks- Not necessary but definitely keeps things organized.

8. Sharpies- Always come in handy. 

9. Notebook- I know most of you like to use your phone, but if you are like me, nothing beats a little notebook and pen.

10.  Static guard- This stuff will save you if you are working with fabrics that cling.

11. Binder clips, clothes pins- Easy to use to clip clothes if you wont see it, safest way to not damage fabric.


These are just some additional items that I like to keep handy just in case there is an issue while on set.

1. Mints or Gum- if you are on set and you or your client need a little freshening of your breath.

2. Feminine products- So often someone on set needs this, its great to be able to help a sister out in time of need.

3. Water bottle- Wether you need it to drink or for your steamer, you always seem to need it.

If you have any additional tips of things you keep in your bag, please let me know!

Now that you know what you need, get your kit in order, and happy styling!



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