House of Perna Fashion Show at Alt Summit - Guest Post by Brooke Michelle

Hi loves, readers and fellow admirers of Amanda Perna!

This is what I hope to be the first of many guest posts! My name is Brooke Michelle and I am a Baltimore, Maryland based photographer. I am a fellow lover of bold & bright everything, a firm be yourself believer and a put avocado on everything type of eater. I first met Amanda Perna when I had the chance to attend Alt Summit in March of this year!

I first connected with Amanda through the Alt Summit app! This conference is kind (and smart) enough to create an app where all upcoming attendees can create posts, interact and connect with one another before ever even arriving for the event! I hopped on the app one day to see what it was all about and immediately found Amanda through a post of hers searching for a photographer to work with while in Palm Springs herself! She talked about her love of color and her brands that focused on this as their main draw of inspiration and I was hooked. We chatted casually through the app but never really established a time to meet up. That was, until I saw her fashion show on the alt schedule!

As a photographer I have always found myself in love with fashion, or so I thought. I photograph people daily who are dolled up to the max in full hair, makeup and styled by boutiques. So I, myself, always try to at least dress for the occasion and look presentable even when behind the lens. Granted, I’m human so this isn’t always the case, but I have always been a fan of finding any excuse to get fancy or let my creative flag fly.

What I didn’t realize was that attending Amanda’s The House of Perna fashion show would quickly give me an entirely new view on fashion and the industry, and creators surrounding it! I rushed in about five minutes before the show began and I watched as these women strutted the runway in designs full of color and beauty more unique than I could have ever expected. As if I wasn’t already slightly teary eyed watching these women own their power and poise then Amanda came on stage to say a quick thank you and answer questions.

I quickly gained an entirely new appreciation for clothing, garments and the hands behind who makes them. As an artist you are always taught that you should stand apart from the rest in order to make your mark and book more jobs doing what you love. But stand too far out and its cause for you to become an outlier. No one teaches you how to find that happy medium. My heart quickly felt understood as I heard Amanda explain how she got to where she is today. Through all of the trials and moments of feeling like she never belonged somewhere or having that feeling of finding her tribe, to her love and inspiration from solely the color wheel and all the beautiful hues we get to experience daily.

It was beautiful to see someone so successful be so raw and vulnerable while on a stage in heels in front of a room filled with other creative women. It was not only a good time, but it was a moment to show all of those girls in that room what we all silently go through and give us each a sense, or a reminder even, that we are never alone.

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