Let's Make All of Those Dream Goals Happen

They say goals without a plan are simply dreams.  But today we are talking about dream goals!

I really believe that you have to allow your mind to wander and dream big, big big. If we don’t have those wild and crazy dreams then what are we working towards? 

Sometimes it can be hard to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind with everyday life commotion happening. Lord knows we all have the days where we just want to stay in bed, and honestly sometimes thats what you need in order to recharge and get ready to knock one out of the park.

But for the most part, dreams don’t work unless you do, so you need to pick yourself up even on the toughest of days and tackle that to do list. I know, I know, the to do list never ends, but having an actionable plan makes it all seem a little less overwhelming.

Here is how I plan out my goals to make sure each day I am working to achieve them. I like to dream big, and then break it into more manageable chunks. I write down my long-term goals, then slowly break them down into short-term (monthly) goals, and then even further into everyday goals. 

By doing this, I am able to see progress, and feel like I am on my way to achieving the big ones.

Clothes: Custom the House of Perna, Photography: Angie Myers Model: Abigail

Clothes: Custom the House of Perna, Photography: Angie Myers Model: Abigail

Here is a real life example of my goal planning in regards to writing: 

Big Picture/Long-term: Write a book that helps millions of people create a colorful, happy life that they love.

Big, tall, huge task right?! Well, it’s all about those baby steps. Walk before you run. I then try to break it down a bit more to what is something I can do to get me ready for that after not having written for years?

I create a short term goal, something that I know I can break into manageable bites that I can achieve without having to worry.

Short-Term: Start a blog so I can hone my voice as a writer to help create content for my book.

This will also teach me to be consistent, think in longer format, and help me to allow myself to develop a body of work to show publishers in the future. No publisher will sign you for a book deal with out examples of your writing after all.

Immediate Short-Term (Everyday- to achieve blog): Use social media to microblog.

This is helping me gain practice in writing a few sentences that apply to the topic on my social media for the day. It helps me get used to writing consistently, with the same style. Instead of just writing a one line witty comment, I am using every image and post to have a conversation with my followers, and find out what they really care about. This will help me have a stronger presence to achieve larger audience for blog, and help me begin planning what I can write in a book that people are really interested in.

As you achieve your goals it is important to keep working toward the next. Of course, you HAVE to take a moment to congratulate yourself and celebrate all of the small successes to stay motivated and inspired. But, keep on going! WE ARE NEVER DONE ACHIEVING AND GROWING!



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