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Photo Credit:  Brio Photography

Photo Credit: Brio Photography

Always in Color Began when…

Hello Friends!

My name is Amanda Perna, and welcome to my blog Always in Color. I wear a million hats, but most of the time I am a Fashion Designer (yes, I was on Project Runway), Wife to my best friend and Mom to my beautiful daughter and yorkie. I wanted to start this blog, to document and share my journey. There is so much to balance between my personal life and business, and honestly sometimes when going through it you forget to celebrate the magic!

You may be wondering why I decided to name my blog Always in Color. Well, I truly believe a life full of color is a life full of happiness. As a fashion designer, my goal has always been to create beautiful, bold, bright and whimsical clothing and accessories. I want women to be able to feel beautiful and bold every moment of every day, and well that is the goal of this blog too. I mean, even when you are having a horrible day, its much more fun when wearing hot pink! By sharing my experiences, I hope you can learn, hopefully not make the same mistakes I have, and grow with me.

Please remember all my advice comes from my personal experience. My thoughts are my thoughts, and it is ok if you do not agree with everything I say. I encourage feedback! I want you to be part of this community, but please refrain from leaving nasty comments to me or any other member of this community. Rude comments will not be tolerated and will simply be removed to keep a positive community! Thank you for understanding! But, I am truly so happy you are here! Enjoy!